Saturday, January 13, 2007

Challenges can be encouraging

Oh baby, it has been a long time since I last posted. Where has the time gone? I can hardly believe we are half way through January. I guess it is a good sign that 2007 has started off with lots of activity. Positive, fun activity at that.

I have been a dancing fiend! This New Years was the first time I went out to a big party. Usually we gather at someones house and celebrate together. This year most of the people I regularly celebrate with had plans with significant others. It all worked out perfectly. I was able to go swing dancing to ring in the New Years and I didn't feel guilty for ditching my long-time friends.

Something that I have come to realize in the new year is a new challenge to being gluten free. It takes a special guy (or girl) to date a person who is gluten free. Dating in your late 20's/early 30's is frustrating enough. (Don't let anyone tell you it is an easy task!) You are already dealing with the typical problems: commitment phobes, pressure to become intimate too quickly, or both of you being way too busy with your careers. Now add in trying to go on a dinner date with someone with dietary restrictions. It becomes a major planning event. If the person is only casually interested, are they really going to put forth the effort to accommodate your eating needs? If they aren't going to put forth the effort, is it worth your time to go out with them? It seriously narrows the field. This whole gluten-free thing can make even the most Low-Maintenance gal into someone considered to be High-Maintenance. Man! I always prided myself on being LM. Grrrr! Stupid immune system!

Tonight I am heading out to dinner. On a date. I picked the restaurant the first time. (Much easier that way.) He made the plans this evening. He made a suggestion yesterday that I was on board for: a nice restaurant downtown. I have never been there and there would be live music. Also, it is a pretty swank place. I figure that at a place of such high quality the chefs could make me something without any problem. I was quite looking forward to this meal. See, as a die hard Chicago lover I have this thing about eating out. I would far prefer to go to one of the millions of small independently owned establishments than to a chain restaurant. I even avoid some of the bigger, well-known independent places. Sorry Frontera Grill, you get too much buzz. Rick Bayless may be good, but I taught his daughter. They don't get my money. (And the one time I went there was OK, but not fantastic.) Anyhow, the gentleman in question called this evening. He put in the effort. Apparently, he could not find out any information about the menu at the place he wanted to take me. What did he do? He popped online, did a little research, and found a restaurant with a gluten free menu. (Here is where my small establishment rant comes in.) We are going to Adobo Grill. I have heard good things, particularly in regards to how they handle Celiacs and our dietary needs. I was just leery of suggesting the place since it is part of a restaurant chain. Silly, I know. But he made the effort! He looked into options and took into consideration what I would need. Huh. I haven't had someone do that in a long while. It's really nice.

Now perhaps I should add in a tidbit of info that I have not yet shared. He is probably more sensitive to my dietary issues that the average bear because he is vegetarian. He can understand the difficulty of finding food that fits your diet. Although I have to say, finding a restaurant that can cater to GF and times. Yup. We will be the most HM pair there.

So yes, any suggestions for GF, veggie meals would be appreciated. I am excited by the fact that this is a guy I could cook for and use ingredients like eggplant and endive and he will be happy. (I swear I have a few friends who would rank as the pickiest men on earth!) This could be fun. Wish me luck tonight!


Sheri said...

Congratulations on finding an understanding guy! Thanks for posting - I was starting to get worried about you :-)

Lynn Barry said...

Good to see you I know where you've been...good for you. And good for you with the ahem...veggie dude. Good luck.

Shannon said...

Sheri and Lynn, It is good to be back. It is just crazy around here! I hope to actually start cooking and posting again soon.

I am cautiously optimistic about this guy. hee hee! Veggie Dude. Love it! He has officially been named. :)

eep said...

I seriously don't understand people who don't eat things like eggplant and endive. Then again, MY boyfriend doesn't eat eggplant or pumpkin... What's THAT about?

Mike Eberhart said...

Sounds like you have had a great time lately. Wondered where you were, since it was a while since your last posting. Glad you have found wonderful ways to keep busy and enjoy the holidays and new years!

mare said...

You found a Veggie Dude! Way to go!

(gf veg'n)mare