Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gluten Free Product Review

One of the items that I have missed the most since going gluten free would have to be cookies. Sure I could bake some, but I don't always have the time or energy. Sometimes I just want to open a box or bag and start munching. Oh lord, the oreo cravings are bad! I tried some Glutino chocolate sandwich cookies, but that are just not the same. I suppose they are fine cookies, but...where is the crunch? Where is that indefinable quality that makes you eat half the package of oreos with a tall glass of milk even though you know you will be queasy in an hour? Sadly, I fear I will never find it in a gluten free cookie.

As for chocolate chip...homemade is still best. A couple of weeks ago I tried the Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were ok. Completely soft. Iffy texture. Passable flavor. I have to admit to being a Toll House girl.

Today I decided to brave the Enjoy Life and their cookies again. This time I tried their snickerdoodles. Now these are tasty. They probably have the same texture, but I am used to my snickerdoodles being soft. The flavor is sweet and strong. Yum! I finished the two-cookie snack pack and wished I had more. My only beef is that they are tiny! Tiny, I say! But oh so good.


~M said...

I recommend the K-toos (by Kinnikinnick) for an oreo substitute. I used to get them at The Gluten Free Market, which used to be in Buffalo Grove but I think is now in Wheeling, IL.

Aren't the Enjoy-life Snickerdoodles great? I am so proud of that Chicago company.

I also recommend Pamela's chocolate chocolate chip cookies (I adore Pamela's products!)

Lynn Barry said...

Hi Buddy,

What I love about ENJOY LIFE products is that they use a small amount of ingredients to make great tasting snacks. They cater not just to gluten avoiding snackers but to those of us who avoid a whole list of ingredients in order to feel the best we can feel. BRAVO ENJOY LIFE!

~m wrote what I would have written about other cookie companies. Those two companies make great tasting products, too. They are not committed to using a minimal amount of ingredients, though, but at least Pamela's products (not sure about the other company mentioned) clearly states on their packages what known allergens are in each product. I like that about that company. For example the only kind of cookie I eat that they make is the ginger cookies with slivered almonds. All the rest have eggs, dairy, and other things I avoid.

Good luck, Shannon! :)

Julie Luse said...

Hey there, I'm enjoying your blog. My husband is gluten-free and therefore, I may as well be too, except for a gluten binge here and there. I hope you don't mind I added you to my sight, found you through some other's I have added. I can't wait to try the Enjoy Life brand, right now, I too, have enjoyed Pamela's cookies, bread and brownies with dark chocolate!
come visit some time:
Julie :)

Shannon said...

~m: I will definitely try the K-toos. I have been jonesing for some oreos lately. Yes, the snickerdoodles are now among my favs. I agree about Pamela's. The only item of theirs that has dissapointed me was the Almond Anis Biscotti. They just crumbled wayed too fast.

Lynn: I noticed how well they lable everything. That must be such a great help for you!

Julie: Thanks for popping in. It is always nice to hear about spouses that are so supportive. It gives a girl hope! :) I will definitely check out your site.

Dondi said...

How funny that you should be thinking of oreos... I just tried the K-toos (refered to by ~m) and they really are wonderful. I just found them at Wild Oats in Evanston, IL. While you are there you should also sample the Wild Oats brand Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. They are not in the GF section. Instead, you can find them next to the rice crackers. I will warn you they are additive.

I have been GF for about 3 years now. The last major emotional break-down over food for me was over Halloween Oreos. I would usually not allow them into my home bc they would be eaten too quickly. But the rule was always bent once a year to allow the wonderful orange ones. So they were particularly difficult to let go of and the encounter was completely unexpected.

Wheat Free said...

Yes, it is hard to find great cookies that are gluten-free. Somehow, they either lack something, or go stale quickly.