Wednesday, June 06, 2007


There is something not right with my stomach. I don't think this is gluten. It doesn't feel like gluten. This is weird. For the past 4 days I have felt bloated (not entirely new) with a kind of burning nausea. Not full blown heartburn. Not the threat of praying to the porcelain god. Just uncomfortable. When I am not feeling like that I am absolutely starving. I will eat, and in half an hour I am starving again. The only time my stomach does not feel off is while I am eating. Maybe I ate something a few days ago and am having long lasting low-grade symptoms. It just does not feel like glutening. Last night I ate a TON of red meat. This is very strange for me. As a former vegetarian I am not a huge meat eater. This was the first thing I have eaten that seemed to stave off the discomfort and hunger for at least a couple of hours. Maybe I am lacking protein or iron? Eh? Any suggestions?

I think I am going to start logging my food again. I haven't done that in a very long time. Time to start paying close attention again.


Lynn Barry said...

I hope you figure out what the problem is, definitely NO fun...HUGS

Ginger said...

The first 10 months of gluten free eating came with strange almost glutenous feelings, but I knew I had eaten none. I came to the realization (thanks to someone who was GF for 7 years) that it can take quite a long time for the digestive system to heal. Veggies in particular always made me bloated. She suggested I try Kefir - which is a liquid yogurt with lots of digestive bacteria - my doc suggested this as well. So I drank some everyday for just a week or two and the bacteria switched over and really helped. Now I feel much more normal and also take Nexium daily for the acid damage I did and to prevent further heartburn.
I know the systems are not the same, but maybe try the Kefir and see how it goes.

Allergic Girl said...

food diary is ALWAYS helpful. once you have it for a week take it to your GI specialist.
ps watermelon always helps me when i feel bloated. there are several foods that helps with bloating, all diruetics, beets, asparagus and watermelon included.
feel better!

J. said...

that happens to me sometimes... no rhyme or reason really, it seems to go away after a day or 2 though

Sheltie Girl said...

It is not uncommon for folks with celiac or gluten sensitivity to have digestive troubles. If you haven't read it yet, check out Dr. Peter Green's book Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic. He goes into some of the digestive troubles that you can have and what to do for them.

I hope you feel better soon.

Sheltie Girl @ Gluten A Go Go

Tracy said...

Happens to me too on and off, though I can trace it back to something in particular (food diary helps!). Nuts seem to bother me, unless I soak and dry them properly first; some veggies and fruits do me in as well (I'm a bloater, not really with the nausea). Anything soy or dairy (cow's) is a huge no-no, and that often comes hand-in-hand with celiac/gluten intolerance.

Personally, I feel best eating meat, eggs and non-starchy veggies and keeping my fat intake up, and staying pretty much totally grain-free. You may want to try keeping your diet super simple for awhile and seeing if that helps? Kefir is great too...if you're sure you can do dairy. If not, go for fermented foods like sauerkraut (or make them yourself...easy and fun!) or non-dairy kefirs.

Hope you feel better! I used to be a vegetarian as well...the amount of meat I eat now would make my former self weep. But I feel amazing and am healthier than ever!

Anonymous said...

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Lea Ray said...

I suffer from severe Iron Deficiencey Anemia and will crave red meats and several other foods. I also feel like I constantly have to eat. Just a thought but maybe with all the food you are are craving and eating (that you usually don't eat) could be the problem.

I would definately see the doctor and have him check your iron levels.

I hope you figure it out soon.