Thursday, July 19, 2007

2 new finds!

Well, on Tuesday I had a meeting at school with our new principal. I had to get up early during summer fair! After peeking in at the disaster that is my classroom, I decided I was starving. A quick phone call and I was off to the burbs. I met up with my boy at a little cafe I have been hearing about for a while called Joyful's Cafe. Apparently it used to be more like a small market with tons of gluten free products. Unfortunately it did not make enough money. On the up side, the owner (Mark, I believe) turned it into a cafe/deli. Very cute. Great decor. Sandwiches and salads make up the bilk of the menu. All items on the menu can be made GF. I think the owner's son has Celiac and that was why he has this business. It makes me trust them more with the preparation of my food. I ordered the California Turkey sandwich. Oh yum! Good, moist bread. Turkey, avocado, bacon, cheddar, onion, and lettuce. I had almost forgotten how good a huge deli sandwich could be. It was heavenly. So, of course, I had to ask if they sell the bread by the loaf. The gentleman I spoke with said they had Kinnikinnik white, another sandwich bread, cinnamon-raisin millet, and banana-nut millet. The cinnamon-raisin was sadly sold out. I went home with a loaf od banana- nut millet bread. I had never had bread made with millet flour. The verdict? Very good! This was not homemade. It was a frozen loaf from a place called Sami's Bakery based in Tampa, FL. This bread, while made with banana, is not your typical sweet dessert bread. There was the subtle flavor of banana, but it is almost neutral. I don't think I could use it with coldcuts for a sandwich, but perhaps grilled cheese made with munster and/or a mild swiss. It is fantastic fresh out of the bag or toasted and topped with cream cheese. Oh yeah. I am definitely going to check out more of the products from this bakery!


Sheri said...

Inquiring minds want to know - where is Joyful's Cafe?

Shannon said...

It is in Downer Grove, I believe. It is at the coner of Maple and Walnut. On Maple, just east of 355 in a little strip center. Very good! Best yet? The owner is opening a restaurant/winebar in Naperville called Stillwater where they will have the holy grail...a seperate dedicated gluten free kitchen!

eep said...

The Scientist and I went to Joyful's for breakfast one morning. It was PACKED. We ended up leaving because the line was too long. So that's good news for you, as it means they're doing great business and won't be closing anytime soon.