Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ugh. (Warning: grossness ahead!)

School is crazy. I don't have reliable Internet at home. Yesterday I was sick.

I can't wait for October. I am done with September.

So here's the thing. Yesterday I went to our annual full-day meeting downtown. Usually this is a great day: no kids, no driving (I get to take the train), a room full of fine arts teachers and principals, and it is held at the Cultural Center. And they always provide food. Up till this year I have loved that last part. This year I could not partake. Actually, I should have risked the salad. Here's why...I went down to the local Thai restaurant. I have eaten there before. The Panang Curry is to die for. SO GOOD. Yesterday it tasted amazing. I ate way too much. About two hours after eating I started feeling icky. Damn, gluten...or so I thought. I left at the end of the meeting and started feeling worse. By the time I got off the train out by my apartment I felt horrible. I thought I was going to faint. Super queasy. Bad deal. I had to nearly push a guy out of my way on the stairs so I could get to the top and not risk passing out on the stairs. I got through the turnstiles and that was it. My lunch made a reappearance. Ew. The only times I have puked in the past 15-20 years have been due to reactions to anesthesia. This was not cool. Very embarrassing! People just stood and stared. Anyhoo, the reason I am sharing this is that I have a question. This could definitely be food poisoning. My body made sure there was not a single bit of lunch in my belly. I felt a bit queasy and shaky afterwards, but 100 times better. I was even able to eat a light meal last night. Today I am fine. I would have thought there would be lingering effects with food poisoning. As for gluten, I have never reacted this way. My symptoms are rather mild by comparison to other Celiacs. Have you ever (after going GF) had symptoms that were exponentially worse? Could it be the amount of gluten consumed? I normally just bloat and feel some heartburn and such. This was WAY worse. Any input?


Lynn Barry said...

When I think I have had food poisoning I usually throw up AND crap my brains out. Both ends work overtime until I am a drained dishrag of a human being. Your one vomit-feel-better soon after is a mystery.
I hope others can shed some light...

Claire said...

I usually just have GI pain and diarrhea, but once time I threw up. It was my first day in Germany and my program director said he'd get me a gluten-free pizza. I threw up in Heidelberg's Haputstrasse. Turns out it was actually spelt, and I didn't know that word yet and trusted my director, as he said his son's former girlfriend had celiac. I think my body knew it couldn't handle THAT MUCH gluten, so it chucked it...literally. Don't know if you had enough gluten to do that to you, but I'd been GF for 5 years when that happened.
Sorry about the awfulness of puking in public. I know how that is.

Ginger said...

Hard to tell, I have never had a reaction like that. I have to think that if you were glutened in a Thai restaurant that it would have been only cross contamination (if it was a curry). I might throw up if I ate a loaf of bread, but I usually just have GI and the runs with any gluten. I really think you had food poisoning. It can be brief or long and it can start in 4 hours or 24. I would call the place and let them know, cause if others were sick too, they (or their inspectors) need to check stuff out and maybe recall something. Glad you feel better now.

jolie02 said...

Before I was diagnosed with celiac, I had diarrhea, but never, ever threw up. After being GF for 6 months, I ate a regular sugar cookie, and 2 hours later, puked every last bit of it up. It was like my body was trying to purge itself of the offensive gluten :S
Not sure if that would be the same thing, since you did not eat something knowing there was gluten in it (like I did....stupid, and never again! I learned my lesson =)
but just maybe? Hard to tell.

Jana said...

My boyfriend is Celiac and he had CRAZY belly issues for a while after we went GF. It turns out it was his appendix.

All of a sudden.

Also could be dairy intolerance?

Anonymous said...

Could they have used soy sauce in the curry - which most of the time contains gluten?

I have similiar experience to jolie02, never spewed before being diagnosed but since I'm gluten-free I had a couple of episodes which were the same. I think our bodies get a lot more sensitive after being gluten-free.

Good luck! Marion

Anonymous said...

Funny I too LOVE Panang Curry. I think that until CD is in order overeating anything makes me deathly ill. It is after an inability to properly digest food due to the breakdown of the villi. Imagine putting way to much food in there before the small intestine is ready to handle it again. Just a thought.