Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pumpkin Yum

I have been a bad blogger.  Actually, I have been a bad chef.  My poor kitchen has been terribly neglected these past few months.  I'm almost embarrassed by the poor quality of my cooking, or more to the point, the poor level of enthusiasm I have had in the kitchen.  I need to step it up in a big way.  I think the holiday season is just what I need. 
I love holiday food.  There is something special about the traditional dishes that bring friends and families together.  I have had the opportuniy recently to cook for some friends.  Last weekend was Fakesgiving at my house.  I stuffed a turkey and mulled a couple bottles of wine.  I shall share the recipes soon, I promise.
For today I have a quick, yet delicious treat for you all.  Are you going to a party and need to contribute to the culinary spread?  Are you possitive that no one will have a dessert that is safe for your consumption?  Are you super short on time because, let's face it, the holidays are crazy?  Here is the recipe for you.
Pumpkin Pie in a Bowl
1 package of cream cheese, softened
1 can pumpkin puree
brown sugar
pumpkin pie spice
Gluten Free ginger snaps
In a medium bowl, beat together the cream cheese and pumpkin puree until creamy and fluffy.  Add brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice to taste.  Serve in a bowl with ginger snaps for dipping. 

Easy and delicious!


Rachel said...

That looks delicious!!! I am gonna try it...I love pumpkin and I am also a fellow gluten-free diva ;), so I appreciate new recipes!

Jasmine said...

Very interesting!

Madhavi Bhatia said...

Dearest Shanon, iloved your blog and am still plodding my way through all your recipes. I went to a nutritionist a few days ago and she has recently founded the celiac foundation/society of delhi. none of us had ever even heard about this problem. apparently in india there is no foundation or support group for people with celiac disease and a huge number are not even detected. i was horrified when i learnt about it. her name is ishi khosla and she came to know about it when her son was diagnosed with it and she then started whole foods and this society in delhi. i would love for you to join copperstrings our conscious living community and send us your recipes in fact please plese post your recipes on our groups. thanks and warm regards

Jeena said...

Sounds delicious I love pumpkin with brown sugar and ginger yummy. :-)

LKP said...

OMGoodness!!!! Thank you for this recipe! I've been craving some pumpkin pie-ishness alot lately, but since my last gluten-less apple pie venture went COMPLETELY south, I needed a better plan. Thanks! You are the grooviest!!!

Grace said...

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xoxo Grace

Dav DiDi said...

It looks delicious .. but i'm not fond of pumpkin..maybe can try for my family .. they loves pumpkin :)

Miks and Rads said...

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Diana Keough said...

This is such a great blog - I love all of your recipes!! I have a website,, and would love to hear from you! ShareWIK (share What I Know) is a website devoted to bringing together women from all different situations and backgrounds (as well as a few men!) to talk about their experiences and learn from each other. We are taking about Celiac Disease this week on ShareWIK, and I would love your intake. Just sign up to get started. Hope to hear from you!
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P.S. And keep up the great work!

Kristen O'Sullivan said...

I tried a similar recipe but with fresh squash. That was way too time consuming! This fall I'm trying your recipe. I got some tasty gluten-free recipes to share with you:

Pet Sitting Brisbane said...

I love Pumpkin Pie but it hard to find here in Oz. Thanks for the great recipe :)