Monday, March 12, 2007

Help a Diva out! :)

Dearest readers, I have not forsaken you!!! Do not fear, I am still alive and kicking.

There are those times when life seems to take over. Busy does not even begin to explain it. Crazed, perhaps? I have been going non-stop for the past couple of weeks. This week starts the beginning of the Diva Stress Fest: full-time teaching, chorus rehearsals, dance club rehearsals, and play practice. Oh yeah, and attempting to have a normal social life. I am supposed to cook during all of this? My energy to experiment in the kitchen has vanished. I feel no inspiration. This saddens me. I love to cook! I love trying new flavors! I hate doing dishes. There are just so many piling up. Tonight I must wash some of those bad boys and work on a grant application (the life blood of a fine arts program.) I need to figure out some kind of easy, tasty dish to eat. I shudder to think of how many meals I have had lately consisting of apples, cheese, chips, and salsa. BAD Diva!!! Save me from unhealthy, if GF, dining.

So what quick and easy dishes do you make when feeling low on inspiration and energy?


ByTheBay said...

Hi Shannon - I have been feeling very unmotivated, low energy, in pain, and uninspired lately. I've been eating a lot of hummus wraps (with pickles, tomatoes and lettuce or spinach, sometimes kalamata olives and feta) on the new La Tortilla Company gluten-free tortilla/wraps. I make Tinkyada pasta and toss it with tomato sauce, cheese and garbanzo beans. I steam broccoli or green beans and throw some nuts and/or feta on top and drizzle with balsamic vinaigrette. Salads with leftovers loaded on top. I even bought an Amy's pizza to heat up on an evening when I'm desperate.

Claire said...

Hi Shannon,
I think we've all been unmotivated at some point or another. I tend to keep a pile of brown rice in the fridge. This can be used as a based for Italian (spaghetti sauce, frozen spinach, mushrooms, parmesan, you name it), Mexican (black or pinto beans, salsa, cheese, lettuce, etc.), Indian or Asian. It can even be breakfast (with maple syrup or some lingonberries - yum!).
P.S. I like your blog :)

Gaile said...

I rely on brown rice. I throw some one, then chop up some beets, carrots, parsnips, and onions, drizzle with olive oil, and throw it in the oven. It's decadent an hour later, and great for leftovers. I do gf jarred pasta sauce with tinkyada pasta. and when I want comfort food - Amy's GF/DF baked ziti is killer good, as are Ian's GF fish sticks with tastee taters (tater tots organic by cascadian farms)

Lynn Barry said...

I am a little late but here is what I had a few minutes ago and it is easy and filling. I microwave Minute Rice (2 cups rice, 2 cups water, cover and nuke for 8 minutes) and then add drained black beans and salt and pepper. Beans and rice. YUM.
Don't get run down, dear...I have missed you. HUGS