Friday, March 30, 2007

Recipe help!

I am out in the suburbs tonight at my parents' house. Every time I come out here I cook. Their kitchen is WAY bigger than mine. Also, they have a dishwasher. (Have I even mentioned how much I loathe hand washing dishes?) Well, I ran a few errands before arriving at their house. I bought a new comforter, some window hangings, king size pillow cases. I has found everything I needed. Time to head home. Then I noticed the store next to Marshal's: Fruitful Yield. Woo hoo! I have been wanting to check that place out for months. Oh my darlings, there was much GF shopping to be had. I was a good girl and only bought a few things. I did find two items I have been dying to try for a while, but can not find near my apartment. Coconut flour and Quinoa flour. Yes!!! I must bake!

Here's the problem, I bought the coconut flour because I remember someone posting a recipe for coconut cupcakes that called for this special flour. Problem is...I can't remember who posted the darn thing. Help!!!Do any of you remember seeing this elusive recipe? Can you point me towards it? If not, do you have any suggestions on how I can best utilize said coconut flour?


~M said...
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~M said...

Could it be these these Raspberry Double-Coconut Muffins from Brendon at Something in Season?

My parents live not far from a Fruitful Yield, but I've never been. I will have to try that next time I'm home :) Thanks!

GF Celtic Tejas said...

Her is a Dr. Mercola site with Coconut flour recipes; Let us know what you think I have been meaning to get some.

Mike Eberhart said...

My wife made a really nice gluten-free chocolate-coconut torte / brownie recently that uses coconut flour. I definitely recommend it, even though I know it is not the cupcake recipe you are searching for. :)

Denise said...


Where is Fruitful Yield located?! I live in the city and usually end up going to Whole Foods or ordering on the internet. The Jewel close to me just added a new section that has gf food...including Namaste mixes.



Shannon said...


Sadly, Fruitful Yield is in the burbs. There are a handful of locations. The one I went to was is Lombard.

You know, I wonder if we live near each other. My Jewel just rearranged everything and now has a rather impressive selection of GF and other help food options. Yay! I am so tempted every time I go in there to buy one of everything. :)

Liz said...

Check out the cookbook "Cooking with Coconut Flour: a Delicious Low Carb, Gluten Free Alternative to Wheat" by Bruce Fife, N.D.

I just got it from the library and can't wait to start cooking!

:) Liz