Sunday, August 05, 2007

My new toy

I am a gadget person. I love gadgets and electronic toys. Music gadgets, PDAs, kitchen gadgets, schools organizing tools...they all make me a bit giddy. They don't have to be high tech. I don't own a video game system like Wii. Low tech is fun, too. For example, a new microplane grater or a candy thermometer. The big, hefty gadget are a blast, as well. I love my Kitchenaid stand mixer (goodness the thing is heavy!). But right now the gadget that I completely adore is my brand new rice cooker.

I have been cooking my rice on the stove. The stove method works just fine, but it does require a certain amount of attention. My new Aroma rice cooker is wonderful. I am sure most of you have owned a rice cooker for years, but this great machine is still a novelty to me. I love that you can just put everything into it, push a button and walk away. I suppose it is a bit like a slow cooker in that way...except much faster. So far I have made plain white rice and a rather tasty Cherry-Pomegranate Rice. I need more ideas! Those of you veteran rice cooker users who are out there, I implore you! What are your favorite rice cooker recipes? Either post it here or give me the link. I can put it all together in a "Rice Cooker Round Up" (totally stealing the idea from ByTheBay.)

In the mean time, here is my first installment. I use the measuring cup that came with the machine and the fill lines marked on the inside of the pot:

Cherry-Pomegranate Sticky Rice

In your rice cooker combine:
2 level cups (the cup that came with your machine) sushi rice
1 t. cinnamon
1/2 cup dried cherries, diced
pomegranate juice (fill to the 2 line for a drier rice, to the 4 line for a more saucy rice)

Close the lid of your rice cooker. Press start. If you have different settings on your machine you can press "white rice" or "steam cook". (I used "steam cook".) When your rice cooker indicates it is done cooking, open the lid and stir the rice. You may need to taste the rice to determine if it is finished cooking. (I find that some rice takes longer if you use juice instead of water or stock. The sugar content perhaps?) You can eat as is or sprinkle with a bit of sugar.

My rice came out slightly tart and sticky. I was very pleased. It is best right out of the cooker, freshly made. Leftovers aren't too shabby, though. I need to experiment a bit more. I want to make sure I used this gadget often. I have to say, Costco is becoming my go to place to purchase small kitchen appliances: stand mixer, blender, rice cooker. I think next on the list to purchase will be a food processor. Hmmm...soup anyone?


gluten-freek said...

Yum, that rice sounds wonderful. I am yet to enter the world of the rice-cooker (it's on my wedding gift list, so hopefully someone will buy it!). Could I make this recipe on the stove?

Shannon said...

I'm sure you could make this on the stove. I made something similar a while back with brown rice, apple juice, and raisins. (If you are interested it should be in my archives.) I think it would be easier to make a smaller batch on the stove, so that could be a big bonus.

Sheri said...

Shannon, you're not the only geek LOL I rhapsodized for 10 minutes over my new cherry pitter when I opened the box today!

I have a couple of risotto recipes you might want to try. I always make it in my rice cooker because I have other things to do than slowly incorporate stock into rice!

Shannon said...

Sheri- I would love it if you shared your risotto recipes! Are they on your blog?

Sheri said...

Hi Shannon - yes, they are :-)