Sunday, October 14, 2007


When a person is told that they have Celiac Disease and that henceforth they are no longer allowed to eat any of their favorite foods, their life can feel as though it has been thrown into turmoil. It was an adjustment for me, a fairly big lifestyle change. I went from being the girl who would eat anything, to being the "challenging" one when we go out to eat. The first holiday meals are a disaster and no one quite understands.

That being said, you would think I would have been much more aware of what this weekend was: my one year anniversary. I was sitting here about to crawl into bed when I realized (belatedly) that the anniversary of the day I started my gluten free lifestyle had come and passed. It is almost an afterthought. Strange. Also strange that I am sitting here thinking about being GF for a year while all bloaty and with a big case or gurgly tummy. Can't imagine what I ate. Nothing should have had gluten. It could just be too much fat or dairy. Cheese, pasta with a heavy cream sauce, and...oh. duh. White Chili. Sometimes I am quite dumb.


Tevis said...

Hi there, I stumbled onto your blog from the Windy City Celiac meetup that I recently signed up for. I wanted to ask you if the gluten free tea extravaganza is still on for this weekend? I actually go by that tea shop all the time and asked them if they were in fact going gluten free and they told me that since they were having so many problems with it they weren't sure. I'd nontheless, love to meet everyone this weekend!

Sheri said...

Happy 1st anniversary! Hope you feel better soon.

Lynn Barry said...

Frustrating, I bet...better days ahead...HAPPY is the knowing that sets us all free no matter what the intolerances, diseases...etc. HUGS

Dianne said...

Happy Anniversary!
I hope it all gets better for you soon, which it inevitably will!


NuttyMeatfruit said...

Hey, sorry you're not feeling well lately. Better soon! :)