Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happy misfortune

On Friday I was all geared up to meet a couple of my girlfriends for happy hour with their co-workers. I have been adopted by the staff at her school since my co-workers are lame not interested in such an outing. After fighting traffic for an hour (yes, Chicago rush hour is HORRIBLE!), I arrived at the usual bar. It was empty. What the? Thank goodness for cell phones. I called up one of the gals and was informed she was hopping in the car and heading to Ohio for the weekend. Oh. She then told me my other friend was not going to happy hour AND it was being held at a different location this month. Well, gee, thanks for the heads up.

Oh, well.

I decided not to hop back on the Kennedy (Oy! The traffic.) and took side streets toward home. Since I was not going to indulge at happy hour, I thought I would indulge in some tea at my favorite tea place. I started chatting with the owner, Tanya, and... what's this? Your menu of crepes is gluten free? How did I not know this??!?!?!!? Oh, indulge, I did. One very large gluten free crepe filled with brie, green apples, caramel and brown sugar. Heaven!!! Tanya is a fellow gluten free eater, so the food is safe and delicious. Sweet crepes, savory crepes. All good enough that no one would know they are gluten free (it is not stated on the menu.) So for any of you who are in Chicago, head over to Tea Essence for some crepes and fabulous loose leaf tea. Try the Masala Chai latte made with Chocolate Almond milk. Yum!


celticjig said...

Sweet! GF crepes! I will try to check Tea Essence out next time I am in Chicago. Thanks for the tip.

What's Next? said...

Just reading your blog (love it!). I'm also a teacher and have coeliac, and I love travel. As a matter of fact, I took a teaching job in England 2 years ago (I'm an American).

That's all.

Oh, my teaching blog is private (I do tend to rant about my school and co-workers!), but if you want access to it, just ask and I'll send you an invite. It's good to be in a shortage field in the UK (very hard to get over here to live, and legally, but teachers can do it easily). Details on the whole moving-to-England-to-teach thing on blog.

Thanks for your blog, BTW.

Christine Coppa said...

I am a reporter with First magazine and I working on a GI story. I am wondering if I can interview you for my article.

Melisa said...

I am so going to Tea Essence, those crepes sounded amazing! I have been GF for about a month now but haven't eaten out much. Thanks for letting your fellow Chicago GF'ers in on this find!

VeeTea said...

Hi Digestive Diva,

So glad you found fantastic GF crepes to go with your tea! Yum!!!

I'm doing PR for a company that is launching a tasty line of GF sweets with tea in them. (The Nibble is already raving about them.) We'd love to send you samples if you're interested! Just let me know your email address (for the digital press release) and mailing address (for the samples) and we'll send them off soon! You can contact me through my website,, or via email at vee at veetea dot com. I look forward to hearing from you!