Sunday, June 22, 2008

I once again enter into the world of the living

School's out!!!!!!

That means I finally have time for...everything. I can start cooking again. Yay! The farmers markets have started up this month. I can spend hours trolling through my cookbooks for "must try" recipes. Fresh fruit and veggies can once again become a staple in my diet. (I have been eating horribly for the past month or two!)

Now that I have some time, and I am out at my parents' place where they have a great big kitchen, I decided to bake this morning. I had blueberries and wanted to use them. What to make? Blueberry-Cardamom Coffee Cake!

In theory this was a great idea. Juicy blueberries, spicy cardamom. Yum! The result? Not good. My idea was not the problem, the flour was. I decided to try the Trader Joes GF Pancake and Waffle mix. On the side of the bag is a recipe for coffee cake. Simple. I would just doctor it up a bit.

After this morning's efforts I have decided that Trader Joes needs to keep working on their baking mix formulas. I have now tried both of their mixes (the other being the brownie mix.) Both have resulted in extremely dense, oddly textured baked goods. I am not pleased. This makes me sad. I was really hopeful that these mixes would be good. Alas, not so much. Oh well, they have so many other great products. Guess I will just stick to Pamela's for a quick fix and Kinnikinnick pastry mix for other baking endeavors.

Live and learn, I guess.


irene said...

I have just been diagnosed with Celiac disease and am negotiating my way through this new world of eating. I agree with you about the mixes from Trader Joe's. I made the coffee cake and it is very brick like. I have always thought of myself as a baker. Family and friends are always requesting that I bring one of my specialties for all to enjoy. I never used mixed before this diagnosis, and I think I just need to try making some of my own flour mixes. I have taken two weeks off from work to do reading and try out new recipes. I am glad I have found your blog. It is encouraging to see that one can cope and eat well with this disease.

cateepoo said...

We also didn't like the TJ's coffee cake but we like the pancakes. With the brownie mix, we did cookies instead and LOVE them! They still aren't as good as my chocolate muffins, but we have served them to guests who also liked them. I know because they went back for seconds. I guess you can add chocolate chips to anything and it is good. :)

Anonymous said...

Irene, if you're just cooking for you, I would recommend using the pre-mixed flours (Pamela's Kinnikinnik, Bob's Red Mill, and (my favorite) Arrowhead Mills All-Purpose GF baking mix). I know that people talk about all the different flours they have in their pantries and how it makes for a better baked good, but it's not worth the price, carrying heavy flour bags home, and storage space needed for me.

Do check out the for some tips and advice. Recipes: and many, many GF blogs. Best of luck to you!

Shannon: I totally agree with your review of TJ's mixes...they kinda suck, but they ARE cheap.