Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I recieved a response

I was quite surprised this evening when I checked my email and saw that the editor from the Seattle Times responded to my email regarding their article (see my last post.) Here is what she said:

Thank you for sharing your concerns about the recent "Survival Guide for
Holiday Hosting" story. We realize now that we should not have included
"gluten-free" as an example in the "Diva" category, as a gluten-free diet
often is a medically diagnosed need, not a choice. On our website, we have
changed that sentence to say: “The Diva has driven us crazy with high-maintenance demands like special diets and fresh towels every day.” In past articles, we have taken great care to address the importance of gluten-free diets, and have even printed recipes for those needing alternatives. That said, your note
is a good reminder that we need to stay mindful of this issue.

Thanks again.
Colleen McBrinn
The Seattle Times
Weekend Living Editor

While this does not completely make me happy ("special diets" can still be medical necessities), it is nice to have what I said recognized.


jennsquared said...

Yeah... I got the same email, literally "copy and paste" same email. But I guess that is good enough for now.

The Big Adventure said...

Couldn't they have said "extreme food requests" or "unusual demands from the kitchen" (or similar)? I agree -- 'special diets' are still special diets.

And truthfully, if you have a Diva like this visiting you, you are either a Diva yourself and therefore wouldn't be a bit bothered, or you aren't and wouldn't ever invite them back again! So it's all ridiculous in the first place, if you ask me!

the veggie paparazzo said...

"Special diets" does sound like medical diets. That makes me really angry, perhaps partly b/c one of my very own sisters told me, "In my house, you would just be considered a picky eater." Ummm, except I don't choose not to eat some of my favorite foods; it's essential that I don't eat them.

Mars said...

thanks for your blog! I go back and forth between kicking the sugar and gluten habit, and falling into it, so reading the words of others helps!