Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In love with Joe

I am in love. With Joe. He has everything I want and need. He provides for me. He fills me up. He makes me feel as though I am unique, not weird. I am in love with Joe. Trader Joe.

It seems that, more and more, Trader Joe's is becoming the leader in gluten free retail marketing. Every time I walk in that store I see new products. Products proudly displaying the label "gluten free". Here is a list of some new faves:

Gluten Free Granola
Gluten Free Black Forest Cake (freezer section)
Gluten Ginger Snaps (OMG, so good!!!)
Chicken Gorgonzola (freezer section)
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

I also bought the Gluten Free tiramisu. I am saving for this weekend. I am hosting an Urban Family Thanksgiving. Eeek! I will be cooking a turkey by myself FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! I am planning on making gf stuffing out of Kinnikinnick bread. Anyone use that bread for stuffing a bird before? How did that work for you?


Anonymous said...

i am SOO WITH YOU! i love the granola and the gorganzola so much!
i actually went to 2 tj's last night in search of the gorg. but
they were both out -- they said the warehouse was out! that sounded NOT good. but we'll see!
haven't made stuffing or really anything yet really...except some cookies. i am still only 6 weeks into this whole thang. still feeling like crap and still feeling it all out. but loveyour blog. thank you....

Lynn Barry said...

I wish I lived near a JOE too...he sounds like he does provide all our needs...HUGS...

NuttyMeatfruit said...

Hey, I just posted an ode to Joe myself! What type of Kinnikinnick are you using? Should work out just fine for stuffing as [rice, tapioca, yeast-free varieties] are pretty dry, naturally :) Happy Turkeying!

Shannon said...

Nutty- I used the Italian Tapioca loaf. It was aMAAAAAaaazing! I love breads made with tapioca flour. I definitely prefer the slightly chewy texture to the crumbly texture of other flours.

I get to make it again tomorrow. Yum!

Anonymous said...

I ma about 6 months intot he GF life,and found that I can bake just about anything with spelt flour. the texture is very similar to regular wheat flour, but without the horrible side effects I used to get. Just have to add 1/4 more spelt flour to the recipe, since it requires less moisture.

Carol Kicinski said...

When I moved from California to Florida I left my beloved Trader Joes behind. Alas, I miss him.

I have a recipe for gluten free cornbread stuffing on my blog, you can check that out if you want. It's easy.