Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It is always amazing to me (when I am not being completely overwhelmed by it) how emotional upheaval impacts your eating habits. Yesterday was...bad. Nothing to do with health, but personal issues instead. While I had known it was coming it still managed to knock me flat. It is when you are at your weakest that those cravings come sneaking in. Pizza. Cheese burger. Gross, nasty, gluten filled foods. Yuck and yum at the same time. I have been eating so well lately. Last night killed that. I did not gluten myself, but a dinner of cheese and Mary's Gone Crackers (before the drama) and strawberry ice cream (afterwards) is not healthy. Yes, I was throwing a pity party. So much so that I didn't even watch much of Dancing With the Stars (to which I am sadly addicted.)

Now, usually I would not notice how poorly I am eating. I have never had to watch my diet until my Celiac diagnosis. This has certainly raised my level of awareness. Now it is even higher because I called and made an appointment with a dietitian. I know I am on the right track, but I want to make sure that I do this right. If I am going to have a healthy diet, I want to make sure it is truly healthy. Fiber, calcium, iron? I want to be sure I am getting it all. My appointment is in two weeks. I had decided to log all of the food that I eat between now and seeing the dietitian. (I figure it will put me one step ahead in the process here.) It is just weird how hyper aware you become of the snacking and munching you do. I am a grazer. Always have been. It is just strange to see a LONG list of food that you have consumed. I don't think I am heavy or eating too much. Far from it. I actually want to make sure I gain a few pounds back that I lost pre-diagnosis. I just want to do it in a healthy manner. Hence, the dietitian.

So tonight I go home to try to cook and be healthy again. And, dang it, I am going dancing tonight if it kills me! (A three week hiatus is FAR too long!)


Ruthie said...


I totally agree with you. It freaks me out to relize how much I crave candy after dealing with an especially "trying" customer at work! I try to tell myself "No! You don't want candy! You're not hungry." but truthfully, it does make me feel better. :(

I hope you get through this stage. Just think, you can make healthy gf pizza and cheese burgers! :)

Lynn Barry said...

I have begun a food journal to force myself to eat less. I knwo what I can tolerate now so it should be easy to do...two days under my overweight belt...good luck.