Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Turkey Day stress

My mom and I are trying to plan out the menu for Thanksgiving. This will be our first gluten free turkey day. To make it more of a challenge my brother is a vegetarian. There will be (at most) six people in attendance. At this point mom is planning on making a stuffed turkey for her and dad, turkey breast with gf stuffing for me, and a fake turkey for my brother. Insane! She just refuses to cook the full turkey without stuffing it. I think it is a needless amount of extra cooking, but it is her decision. The thing we are stuck on right now is what to do about a stuffing/dressing for my turkey. Does anyone have a gf stuffing recipe? Any ideas for a substitution for condensed cream of mushroom soup? (The really sad part of all of this is that I finally worked along side Mom last year to learn how to make all our traditional T-Day dishes. Now I can't eat a bunch of them.) New traditions. That's what we need.


Lynn Barry said...

Take GF bread and cube it, let it dry out overnight, saute onions and celery in butter, add chicken gf bouillon cubes, poultry seasoning, boiled water...then pour over the bread cubes. Take a beaten egg or more than one and mix that it too. Bake in a 350 overn covered for 45 minutes, then uncovered for 45 minutes or use to stuff the bird.

I make my gravy with white rice flour instead of wheat. You can also make the gravy with cornstarch.

Good luck.

Michelle said...

How about a wild rice stuffing? Take 1 part rinsed wild rice, 1 part orange juice, 1 part water and add some cinnamon (celery could be good too) and put it in a pot that has a tight fitting lid. Boil the above uncovered on medium, when it boils, reduce heat to a simmer and put on the lid. The rice should take 45 mins.-1 hour. I then add dried cranberries.

Imagine and Pacific might make gluten free gravies (or just use GF all purpose flour, rice flour, or cornstarch) and I know Imagine makes a gf, dairy-free mushroom soup too.

Good luck!

Ruthie said...

DD ~

I'm doing a gluten free vegan T-day this year, but we're not much into traditional foods. My big thing is to focus on fall/harvest type foods.

Here are some ideas I'm kicking around right now:

brown and wild rice pilaf with pecans, perhaps baked in acorn sqaush halves (maybe)

green beans almondine, my favorite dish

baked sweet potatoes, yum.

bean mixture (reds and whites and browns) mixed with a vinegarette with fall seasonings like rosemary, thyme, sage, and parsley... also with some wine I think

roasted veggies, like carrots, onions, and squash

cranberry juice in wine goblets

Anyway, it's not traditional and I know that may be what you're looking for, but maybe it helped :)


Karina said...

I have always made gluten free stuffing - with toasted cornbread cubes. It's yummy. I add onions, apples and dried cranberries or golden raisins. A little spice [including curry - my secret ingredient].

Also - I just posted some holiday tips - and tagged [labeled] my vegetarian holiday recipes [I was a vegetarian for years].

Have fun!