Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fast Food Nation

Today I experienced one of the big inconveniences of Celiac Disease and living gluten free. I had to stay late at school because we were having a Local School Council (our local board) meeting. I was scheduled to give a brief presentation about our fine arts program. (It all went very well, thanks for asking!) Anyhow, since I had to stay late I needed to grab some food. I did not plan ahead. That was dumb. I ran to the best local grocery store. I knew I would never find food at a fast food joint that I could eat. Even if the item was inherently a gluten free meal, the risk of cross-contamination was just too high. I know myself. I need to start off very strict. If I let little things slide now, it will be a disaster later on down the road. So over the river and through the woods, I ended up at Dominicks. They have an amazing selection of GF foods. I was very impressed considering it is a regular chain grocery store, not a specialty store. That being said, I did not find a quick meal. Oh well. Lesson learned: plan ahead!

The trip to the store was not a loss. I found two products that I will definitely be purchasing again.

1) Genisoy makes a snack called Potato Soy Crisps. OMG, yum! I bought the Sea Salt and Black Pepper crisps. So. Tasty. You have to really like black pepper, though. I need to head back and purchase the other flavors (they were on sale).

2) Pamela's Products Ginger Cookies. This was my first foray into gluten free baked goods. I have to say, I was braced for the worst. These were pretty darn good. If I hadn't known they were GF I never would have guessed they weren't just soft cookies. Very gingery.

Maybe I lucked out and bought two of the top products on my first outing. If so, yay! If there are other better product...well, hot damn! I can still snack away and assuage my sweet tooth.

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Gaile said...

Hi Shannon, I'm new to your blog, by way of GF By the Bay. I love Pamela's cookies. The chocolate chop are divine, and their baking mixes are also fabulous. Also look for Mary's Gone Crackers. Even gluten eaters love those!