Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I need your expertise!

Since I can no longer just run to the local grocery store to pick up a loaf of bread, I plan on investing in (or begging my parents for) a bread machine. There are so many out there and they range in price from so-cheap-I-am-suspicious to oh-holy-god-the-pain-expensive. What do you use? What has been the most successful for making gluten free bread? Any hints and tips on purchasing one? How about the ins and outs of using them? I am basically a novice at making bread. (I have only done it a few times.) Any help is most appreciated!

In more spectacular news: A fellow teacher just told me about a local pizza place. The owners' son has Celiac. Consequently...GF pizza! I am very excited about this. I LOVE pizza. I thought I would have to make it myself for the rest of my life (which means I would rarely ever eat it.) I tried the Amy's Rice Crust pizza and wasn't happy. Perhaps I am picky or just spoiled from years of Chicago pizza. Now, I may be able to have it again!


ByTheBay said...

The one that's highest recommended by all the cooks on Celiac.com is this Zojirushi machine
This is the one I plan to buy. As for recipes, most of the GF bread recipes on the web and in the Gluten Free Gourmet Bakes Bread book are designed for (or can be used in) a bread machine. Or you can purchase a mix, I've heard good things about Pamela's and also Anna's GF bread mixes.

Anonymous said...

What's the name of this pizza place? I hear that Da Luciano's is good but have yet to go myself since it's far from me (I live north of the city).

Also, I thought that this April post about GF bread [and the comments] might be of interest to you: http://iamglutenfree.blogspot.com/2006_04_01_iamglutenfree_archive.html

Shannon said...

bythebay: Thanks! I will look into this one. I'm thinking it may need to end up on my Christmas list.

anon.: The place actually is Da Luciano's. I had heard rumblings about it, but knowing that their son has Celiac makes me feel I can really trust them to know how to prepare the pizza safely. I will post a review once I have ordered from there. I am thinking I may need to stop and pick up a pizza on my way home from work sometime in the next week. :)

Mike Eberhart said...

I have considered a bread machine on multiple occasions, but the bread we make at home is rather simple. I have a few bread recipes up on my book site under the glutenfree recipes page if you want to try any. They are all soda-bread type recipes (i.e., no yeast-rising requirements), and we make them in the mixer.

That Pizza comment of yours sure rang home here. My wife used to work in Chicago (commuted), and she'd bring home deep dish Chicago pizza for us. Those days are over now of course, and oh how I miss it! I hope that Lucianos place can make you a great GF pizza!