Sunday, October 15, 2006

Gluten Free Grocery Shopping: The Maiden Voyage

I started my Gluten Free voyage this evening with a trip to the grocery store. I made sure to go in prepared. I made a list. I even went online to to the GF Foodlist (see my links!) to find out which specific brands to purchase. I figured that way I could eliminate some time reading lables. Well, two hours and WAY too much money later, I am home and stocked for the immediate future.

I have to say this was an interesting trip to the store. I am used to going in with a list (and usually a few meal ideas), but purchasing whatever peaks my interest. Angel food cake? Sure! French bread and brie? Yum!!! It was definitely a different experience today.

Since I planned ahead I think the trip was less frustrating than it could have been. I went in with a specific purpose. I was on a mission. It was fruitful. Literally. I don't think I have bought that much produce in a long time. It was amazing to see the difference in my shopping cart today compared to my last shopping trip. I usually have a large percentage of my items from the frozen food isle. This time...none. Lots of fresh produce, meat, and new ingredients. I bought quinoa for the first time. Not quite sure what I am going to do with it. I am going to look for some recipes and see what I can create.

The very frustrating moment came when I tried to buy some munchies. Rice cakes should be the perfect snack. So many different flavors out there. Unfortunately, most of the flavorings contain whey. I am going to grow to hate whey, barley, and malt. These little buggers seem to sneak into all the tastey treats. BBQ potato chips, rice cakes...all the yummy things. So I guess my new mission is to find crave inducing snack foods that are gluten free. Impossible or not, this is a mission I shal accept. (Oh lord, that was cheesey!)


karina said...

Hey Shannon! Trying again to leave a comment. Hope it works this time.

Whey is a milk protein with lactose - is that why you avoid it? It's gluten free; derived from milk. I wrote more to you earlier but it was lost in cyberspace, so I'll keep this short, and see if it posts...

Shannon said...

Huh. Why do I keep thinking it is a wheat product? I must have read some misinformation somewhere. Thanks for clearing that up!

Trish said...

Some celiacs find that dairy upsets their system until they've been GF for awhile.

So that may be why some lists have whey.

As far as I can tell, people have very different calls about the definition of "safe" food.

But yes...dear monkeys, the veggies are so useful. And I think quinoa is great, it can be bitter if it isn't well rinsed or soaked in water.

Gaile said...

Look for Lundberg Rice chips. They are super tasty, and gluten free. Mission makes gluten free tortilla strips that are really tasty too.