Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend of goodness

This weekend was definitely of the good when it came to food and entertainment. Friday night was a great Halloween party. I got to try out my costume and hang with fun people. On Saturday I slept in. Yes! Fantastic. I sat around in the morning being slightly productive. I was making a shopping list (which let me tell you is quite the undertaking these days!) when my phone rang. My friend Gimi called to see what I was up to. We chatted for a bit and then planned to get together in an hour. Much rushing around and showering ensued. He had said he had a place he wanted to take me to. We would get something to eat. This worried me a bit, I must admit. I have yet to eat out since changing my diet. I know it is going to be a challenge. Well, he picked me up and we drove into Lincoln Park (this she-she neighborhood in Chicago). After finding rock star parking we walked down the block. Such a beautiful day outside! As we crossed the street I glanced longingly at a trendy little bakery. This is the point at which I realized that was where we were heading. Um...Celiac? I walked in with a sinking heart (hello! We just had a conversation in the car about how I can't eat my favorite baked goods anymore and am dying to find a bakery that makes GF treats.) I was trying to figure out how to break it to him that his idea wasn't so good when he asked the employee "The gluten free stuff?" "At the bottom." fantastic employee replied. EEEEEEEeeee!!!! The boy did good, my friends! The cupcake place has a daily GF cupcake. I swear my jaw dropped. I looked at the amazing cupcakes with the lovely sign reading "GF Vanilla Pomegranate Cupcake". I stared at the employee. Back to the cupcake. Over at Gimi. I think I squealed. I know I launched myself at him. Best moment ever. He completely made my month. Let me tell you, it was a damn good cupcake. Could not tell the difference. Super yummy. Apparently, one of the owners was recently diagnosed with Celiac and decided if she was making cupcakes she needed to make ones she could eat. I agree. They also make a sugar free variety each day. This is the best place ever. Check out their website and spread the word to Chi-town people!

After that I headed to Trader Joe's to do some shopping. Trader Joe's is heaven. They have so much food I can eat. Good food. Some of it is convenience foods, which is a good thing. I love to cook, but some days I just don't have the energy to make a big meal. The great thing is that they have a very comprehensive Gluten Free Shopping List available at their customer service desk. Even better...they are way cheaper than Whole Foods.

I rounded out this fantastic day with a party at my best friend's place. It was tons of fun. She made lots of tasty delights that I could eat. I got to meet her new boyfriend. Talk talk talk. Fun people. Great costumes. Basically the perfect end to a perfect day. :)

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Lynn Barry said...

What a thoughtful friend...there is a GF God. Good for you!