Saturday, October 21, 2006

First ham ever.

This morning I was STARVING when I woke up. OMG, hungry! I didn't feel like peanut butter today so I topped my rice cake with sliced bananas and a mixture of cream cheese and brown sugar. Wow, so good.

Today I have friends coming over for a potluck dinner. I made a ham. My first ham ever. I basted it with Reed's Ginger Beer and made a glaze of brown suger, ginger puree, and just enough orange juice to make a paste. It smells fabu. It looks very nice. We shall see how it tastes. Here's a preview of le ham.


Gaile said...

If you're a cereal eater, Peanut Butter Panda Puffs are awesome, gluten free, and taste fabulous with Almond Milk poured over them. Congrats on getting into that kitchen and making it work. I don't eat meat, but your ham looks divine!

Lynn Barry said...

I like Honey Rice Puffins, they are my favorite GF cereal and can be eaten as a crunchy snack too.