Friday, October 20, 2006

Gluten free: Day 6

So... I'm ready to feel better. Certain things are improving. I am actually hungry again. For a while there I was not even hungry. My stomach was so bloated that there was no room for food (at least not without having stomach pain after eating.) Now I am hungry. Still bloated. Not as painful, though. I swear I have been eating gluten free, but then my tummy bloats up. I don't think there was cross-contamination. I suppose there could be. It's probably just longer term side effects of all my gluten gluttony. (I gorged myself on all the foods I would have to give up while I was waiting for my test and it's results.) I'm just ready for the bloat to go down and to not have other unpleasant...malodorous symptoms. Enough already!

I think my energy levels are up, though. I don't feel as constantly fatigued. I was starting to worry about that. I had started having an itchy rash, as well. I would have it in the morning when I woke up. It was always located on my legs, along the back and sides of my thighs. I had thought it was some sort of contact dermatitis. I realized this morning that it had been a few days since I experienced the awful itching. Since just after switching my diet.

I suppose I should be happy with each small improvement. Count each as a step towards healing. I just want to feel better. Completely better. I hope it comes soon.

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Lynn Barry said...

I don't have celiacs but I know I am gluten intolerant and since I have been gluten free I have no headaches, less bloating AND no itchy rashes. I used to be depressed a lot and could not sit still and all of those negatives are out of my IS worth it. Keep going! It gets easier.