Saturday, October 28, 2006


I am being proactive, my lovelies. I am doing research. Food research, that is. A few days ago I called Borden Dairy and discovered to my delight that their cheese singles (the incredibly gross Kraft Singles-like cheese that I can't help but love) are gluten free. Why do I like this overly processed "cheese"? Don't know. I think it is a nostalgia thing. Yesterday I received a reply to an email I sent to Trader Joe's regarding a GF shopping list. They pointed me to a link on their web site I did not see. Also, each store is supposed to have more extensive lists at their locations. Excellent! Today I emailed Ghiradelli and Starbucks (come on, chocolate and coffee!) to see what I can eat/drink of their products. I know lattes and cappuccinos are safe, but I like all the sweet flavorings. What I really need to know is if I can drink the Chai and hot cocoa. I have a raging sweet tooth. It is bad.

Currently, I am looking through the GF foodlist (see my links). I printed the whole thing up and have it in a binder along with the GF shopping list from Whole Foods. I am making a list for my shopping expedition today. I plan on hitting Trader Joes. I also need to pick up some plastic storage containers for staples like rice, gf pasta, gf flours, rice, sugar, salt, and rice. Oh, did I mention rice? I have realized that I will be needing to purchase it in bulk quantities. Ooooh! Also polenta. Yum! Thank god I can still eat polenta. I used to buy the pre-made, tube-like polenta. It was ok. Good for an on-the-run meal. The thing is, quick cooking polenta really does not take that long to cook. You end up with more. It has a far superior consistency and more options for flavoring/seasoning. Mmmmm...I think I may need to make some this weekend.

As I am typing I am cooking up another batch of the breakfast rice concoction. This time I am trying raisins, dates, cinnamon, and brown sugar. I hope it turns out as tasty as the previous batch, because I am down right starving!!!

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Lynn Barry said...

GOOD FOR YOU! It is a dramatic lifestyle, but worth it.YOU CAN DO IT! All my best!