Monday, October 16, 2006

Pics Ahoy!

While I can no longer eat Chips Ahoy! (those cookies so chock full of chips), I can have a post that is chock full of pics. So we shall begin this post the way I began my day, with a breakfast of champions.

Rice cake, peanut butter, sliced banana, and a drizzle of honey. Yum!!

Today was my first real day of gluten free eating. Ironically, I have more tummy pressure (bloaty belly!) today than I have in a while. I know I did not eat any gluten. I even bought a new jar of peanut butter to avoid cross-contamination. Does it get worse before it gets better? Seriously, I look pregnant. Ugh! Oddly, I have felt hungry all day. Over the past couple of months I only feel hungry when I am starving. The stomach discomfort seemed to leach away my appetite. The appetite was back in spades today. Perhaps that's a good sign.
Speaking of cross-contamination, I read recently that it would be wise to get ride of all my wood utensils. Apparently gluten could be hiding in the porous material. Considering I don't have a dish washer (besides my hands) I am paranoid about this happening. Now I am worried about all sorts of weird cross-contamination situations. Both of my pets eat food that have gluten in it. If crumbs from their food land on the table or counter it could potentially get on my hands and in my food. Silly? Perhaps. I just want my symptoms to go away.
I am getting great support in this whole endeavor. My family has already run out and bought GF flours. My friends keep sending me messages about a product that they saw labeled gluten free. And don't forget my in-house support team.
Homer Zoe


Gluten-Free By The Bay said...

Congrats on your first real gluten-free day! It's a big life change, but has been well worth it for me. I look forward to reading about how things progress. Meanwhile, that pic? Pure food-p0rn! I wish I could take such purty pictures. I am not so good with the digital cam, but I do try my best.

Lynn Barry said...

Good for you! I have been gluten free for a while now and the challenge gives me something to look forward to each day. If I dwell on what I am missing I feel sad. When I think about how much better I feel, it gets easier. Reading that you love to dance will make it easier too...Dance it all away. I was not diagnosed with Celiacs but I had been gluten free for a while so it might not have shown up but I suffered with headaches and itchy rashes and depression and the inability to sit still...all of that is gone now...dump gluten? easy. well, not always, but worth it.
Lynn freetoeat Barry

Deb said...

If those are quaker rice cakes, they are notorious for being contaminated! They might be the cause of your upset tummy.

Shannon said...

Lynn- The dancing definitely helps. Dancing cures all evils! Thank goodness I get to go out for some swing tomorrow night.

Deb- Actually, I figured out the stomach upset. It had little to do with gluten and more to do with being a girl. Gotta love the female body.

Mike Eberhart said...

Welcome to the GF community. Though, I must admit, I hate having to welcome people to a group whose very membership implies a lifetime of strict dietary control and much more. Nobody wants this disease certainly, but coping is bound to be easier with a support group close at hand. The Internet is a great place to discuss your condition and meet others with similar issues. So, best wishes with the GF diet, your blog, and any newfound friends and contacts!

Shannon said...

Thanks Mike! Yeah, kind of strange to welcome someone to a less than prefered way of eating. But thanks for the welcome, nonetheless. :)